From identification of solutions to economic models (New service offer, maintenance contract ...)

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Definition of connected objects
Catalyst and showcasing your know-how


Helping businesses to optimize operations and maintenance with connected objects

Target:Businesses - very small, small and medium sized enterprises not having skills in Electronics / Computing

Return on investment <1 an

Gain / Benefits:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Creating an offer « Maintenance As a Service »

optimize maintenance and/or exploitation is supply: 

  • customer satisfaction (reliability, service life)
  • cost reduction (more margin or better competitiveness)

  Example :

Air conditioner


Solution IoT :

  1. Location - Identification
  2. Sensors Measurements: Temperatures, Use Rate, Fluid Level

Gains / Functions :

  •  Track the machine park remotely

  •  Anticipate problems

  •  Optimize the tours of maintenance personnel
  •  Optimize the preventive and make the predictive

  •  Offer superior operating guarantees to your customers

Waste container


Solution IoT :

  1. Location - Identification
  2. Sensor Measure: Fill Level

Gains / Functions :

  •  Follow the remote filling level
  •  Optimize collection tours
  •  Parameterizable billing (volume, collection ...)

Industrial site / Production line / Factory


Solution IoT : 

  1. Location - Identification
  2. State sensors
  3. Sensors Physical measurements: specific to each machine

Gains / Functions :

  •  Control the operation of the critical elements of your production line
  •  Track the inventory status of raw materials, semi-finished products ...
  •  Real-time monitoring / dashboard
  •  Measure sources of energy consumption 
 Take advantage of the efficiency of a prediction-based maintenance and optimize the preventive